Retail Packaging for Crabtree & Evelyn

Earlier this year, we worked with a company to produce packaging for Crabtree & Evelyn’s new herbal loose-leaf blend tea; Star Showers Tea with a citrus twist.

The Packaging Brief:

  • The product packaging needed to protect its contents; a charming retro style glass bottle with a cork stopper.
  • The packaging needed to visually reflect the products natural, herbal properties.
  • An outer box requirement to pack and ship 35 inner boxes to stockists throughout the UK & Europe.

The Packaging:

After initial consultation, we produced several samples for our client, some of which were in different cardboard materials, illustrating how packaging can have quite a different look and feel, depending on what it’s made from.

The material decided upon, was a strong Kraftpak board, this gave the packaging the raw look that our client wanted.  To strengthen this and ensure adequate protection of the glass bottles, we produced a black, 6-sided fluted liner, which is placed inside the Kraftpak box.  Liners like this are often used inside perfume and other cosmetic boxes.  They are a great way to add protection without compromising on aesthetics.

The chosen style of box was a glued crash-lock base with a tuck in lid; a popular style for many cosmetic and food products.

The tea leaf box was printed with a minimal design, allowing for a printed label to be placed over the box, making it secure and tamper evident, necessary for all consumable goods.

The outer packaging was a simple 0201 style box, made to measure and designed to pack 35 tea boxes ready to be shipped out to Crabtree & Evelyn’s’ stockists.