Display Boxes


Retail boxes and custom retail packaging

Take advantage of our knowledge and experience in the retail packaging sector.  Whatever your budget, we can offer a customer packaging solution that is best for you.  There are a huge number of options on materials, print and finishes available for your custom retail boxes, all of which we will guide you through.

Folding Cartons (Paper or Box Board Boxes)

Folding cartons, also known as carton board packaging or box board packaging, offer flexible custom packaging solutions with good product visibility and detailed printing. Folding cartons are used across a wide range of retail sectors including food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.  High print quality can be achieved along with many additional features such as foil blocking, varnishing, embossing and window patching.


  • Large structural flexibility offering protection and integrity to your product 
  • High print quality with a large range of finishes including de-bossing and foil blocking 
  • Visually presentable, high-quality packaging, including window patching to show off your products  
  • Supplied flat to save on transport and storage costs 

 Suitable markets include

  • All retail: including jewellery, clothing, cosmetics, confectionary, pharmaceuticals 

Rigid Paper Covered Boxes

Rigid paper over board boxes are a high-end custom box option which will give any product the luxury packaging finish it deserves.  You can choose from a huge range of styles, finishes and coverings to produce truly unique and bespoke custom-made boxes.


  • Strong construction with a luxurious feel and look  
  • Wide range of styles and numerous material covering options 
  • Lots of print options including foil blocking, lamination, embossing and spot varnishing 
  • Finishing touches such as magnetic closures, ribbons, silk or satin linings 

 Suitable markets include:

  • All retail: including clothing, jewellery, cosmetics, confectionary, home, beauty and electronics

Transparent Packaging

Where complete product visibility is paramount, you have the option to use transparent packaging. This is a suitable solution across a wide range of retail markets. 


  • Total product visibility 
  • A more durable packaging solution and water resistant 
  • Flexible structural options such as cartons, tubes and sleeves 
  • Detailed printing 

 Suitable markets include

  • Food, Personal care, Seasonal products, Flowers, Confectionery 

Die Cut Corrugated Cardboard Boxes 

Die cut corrugated boxes offer a more complex packaging solution than standard non-die cut options, they can include integral fittings to keep your products secure and there are a good range of high quality printing options available, to make the suitable for retail shipping and/or display. 


  • Dual purpose presentation/shipping box
  • Low cost on both large and short runs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Wide rang of print options

Suitable markets include

  • Almost all retail and manufacturing sectors, including Online retail / e-commerce, electronics, clothing, food, mechanical