Choosing the right Box


Choosing the right Corrugated Boxes

With so many different styles and grades of corrugated boxes on offer, it can be difficult choosing the right box for your individual packing requirements.  Below is a run-down on each of the stock boxes we have on offer at Packaging Supplies. 

Single Wall Cardboard Boxes 

Packaging Supplies have a range of single wall cardboard boxes that are on sale in our online shop.  Packaging Supplies stock cardboard boxes in standard sizes from 127x127x127mm right through to 605x400x365mm.  Single wall cardboard boxes (also known as corrugated boxes), are made using a single wall board.  This type of board comprises of an inner and outer liner around a single layer of fluting.  Our stock range of single wall corrugated boxes are in brown and in the traditional 0201 style.  All 0201 boxes can be assembled quickly and easily and are secured by taping the top and bottom flaps.  Most of Packaging Supplies stock corrugated boxes will be made using a B flute, which is a medium cushioning flute.

Packaging Supplies can arrange for any size of corrugated box to be manufactured, so if the exact size you are looking for is not available in our online shop, Packaging Supplies can help by producing a made to measure box exacting your individual requirements.  Bespoke corrugated boxes are popular with our trade customers where there is a demand for a high volume of packing boxes.

Single wall boxes are lightweight cardboard boxes that are a cost effective way to pack, store or ship products.  The smaller boxes can be used for packing all kinds of items, while the larger corrugated boxes are ideal for using as an outer shipper for smaller boxes or for packing and storing lightweight products.

Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

Just as the single wall boxes above, Packaging Supplies have a range of double wall boxes on offer in our online shop.  The standard corrugated boxes that are on sale in our online shop start from 270x220x220mm going right up to 610x610x610mm.  Double wall boxes are made using a double wall board.  Double wall board comprises of two outer liners, two layers of fluting and an inner liner.  The most commonly used fluting in our double wall boxes is a BC flute, which is a good and a medium cushioning flute used together.

Double wall boxes are used for packing heavier items or where additional strength and rigidity are required.  If you are packing items that will be carrier despatched, a double wall cardboard box can offer much more protection than a single wall cardboard box.

As with the single wall boxes, Packaging Supplies can produce double wall corrugated boxes in sizes other than those on offer in our online shop.  A bespoke double wall box would be ideal for industries that are manufacturing or shipping products that require a higher level of protection and where the weight of the contents are increased.

Postal Boxes & Mailing boxes

Packaging Supplies offer corrugated Postal & Mailing boxes in a choice of brown or white, each of our high quality, presentable Postal & Mailing boxes have a hinged lid and tuck in flaps, offering a secure mailing box which is quick to pack and easy to open.

All of Packaging Supplies Postal & Mailing boxes fall under the Royal Mail PiP of a Small Parcel, helping you to keep your despatch costs down.  We have a variety of sizes suitable for all kinds of products.  The mailing boxes can be padded out if required with our voidfill or bubble wrap products. They give you a custom box feel for stock box prices

BDCM Corrguated Boxes

BDCM stands for Bulk Distribution Carton Metric.  The BDCM boxes are the industry standard for the retail and clothing trades.  Packaging Supplies stock BDCM1, BDCM2, BDCM3 and BDCM4 boxes.  You can see the internal dimensions for each of these boxes in our online shop.

The BDCM boxes are a sturdy and reliable corrguated box.  These boxes are designed to fit well onto a standard 1200 x 1000 pallet, ready for transportation or storage.

The BDCM boxes that we stock at Packaging Supplies come printed with space for information such as supplier name, catalogue number and colour.  The BDCM boxes are in the standard 0201 style and come flat packed for ease of storage. This is a heavy duty version of a double wall boxes

Heavy Duty Export Corrguated Boxes

Our heavy duty export boxes come in 3 standard transit sizes, ½ Europa, ½ Container and 1/1 Container, meaning they are easily palletised.  You can see the internal dimension of these boxes in our online shop.

The large size of the export boxes can result in labour and shipping savings and are an alternative to despatching your products in lots of smaller boxes.

The export boxes are in a strong double wall boxes, sturdy enough for stacking.  These corrugated boxes are designed to be strong enough to store and transport heavy goods.

The export boxes that we stock at Packaging Supplies are plain, but can be printed.  The export boxes are in the standard 0201 style and come flat packed for ease of storage. Again this is one example of Double wall boxes range we have

Pallet Containers / Pallet Corrugated Boxes

Pallet containers are comprised of a cap, sleeve and tray and are assembled onto a heat treated pallet.  Like the export boxes above, the pallet containers come in 3 standard sizes fitting ½ Europa, 1/1 Europa and 1/1 Container pallets.

The pallet boxes are a good option for transportation of very heavy goods and they are designed for export purposes.

All of the pallets these pallet boxes are supplied on are heat treated to ISPM15 (International Phytosanitary Standard for Wood Packaging) making them suitable for export.

The pallet boxes / pallet containers that we stock are made from a strong double wall corrugated board which is stitched rather than glued.

Book wraps

At Packaging Supplies, we stock a twist lock style of book wrap.  This is a versatile single wall corrugated wrap that will take various combinations and sizes of book.

The twist lock book wraps are the easiest way to package and protect books for mailing and there is no need for additional packaging to protect your books in transit.

The book wraps have an adjustable height enabling either a single larger book or a multiple of smaller books to be packaged and they have a handy peel and seal trip so no additional taping is required. Die cut boxes are formed by using a cookie cutter and are like singe wall boxes as they are in either e or b flute.

Bakers Trays / Cardboard Trays

We have a range of die cut cardboard trays that we call bakers trays.  At Packaging Supplies we stock 4 sizes of cardboard tray in a sturdy single wall corrugated board.  The bakers trays are popular with our bakery customers for food items such as bread, cakes etc.

Each of the bakers trays are supplied flat packed, when assembled they have semi cut out hand holes for ease of carrying.  When packed with light products such as bakery food items, the cardboard trays are strong enough to withstand stacking. Die cut boxes are formed by using a cookie cutter and are like singe wall boxes as they are in either e or b flute.

Printer Ream Boxes

Printer boxes or ream boxes are ideal for keeping any printed material in perfect condition.

Packaging Supplies stock an A4 and A5 white 4 corner glued box & lid.  These printer ream boxes are in a solid board.  White solid board has a grey interior with a smooth white exterior, because of it’s density it gives a high rigidity to the packaging.  The printer ream boxes are self-erecting and supplied flat for ease of storage.

We also offer a brown corrugated A4 telescopic box & lid.  These have a sliding lid which enables the height of the box to be adjusted.

The telescopic box and lid is also supplied flat and requires taping along the flaps of the base and lid.

This is just a start to the range of corrugated boxes that we have, starting from single wall boxes and double wall boxes and moving onto more complex die cut corrugated boxes. Feel free to browse our shop or speak to one of our friendly team.