Triangular Postal Tubes

The traditional round postal tubes have been the same for

years, but now a new kind of triangular postal tube is becoming more


With all the benefits of the

traditional postal tube, the triangular design has many additional benefits and

is now the preferred solution for the courier network.  Here are some of the reasons why;

  • Supplied flat packed, so they take up very

    little storage space

  • Quick and easy to pack and assemble
  • Can be stacked and strapped neatly to a pallet

    once packed

  • No problems with passing through label readers
  • No rolling around
  • Easily branded with your company logo

Triangular postal tubes are much easier to print on than the

traditional round postal tubes. With 3 flat sides the triangular postal tubes

can be printed with logo’s and text or even printed entirely with a specific

colour or pattern.  We use different

printing techniques to achieve different finishes, such as flexo, screen

printing or litho laminating.

We can make to varying widths and lengths and the triangular

tubes can be made with different features, such as tuck in tabs and/or peel and

seal closures.

To find out more and to get a quotation for your exact

requirements, please get in touch with us.