Corrugated Industry driving down carbon footprint



According to the Confederation of paper

industries (CPI), the environmental impact of food waste is 10 times as

significant as packaging and well designed packaging is the best possible means

to minimize the possibility of food getting spoilt or damaged.

On top of this it is imperative to select an

experienced packaging supplier. Through our expertise and experience with a

wide range of industries, we can advise on packaging that will help maximize safe

storage and reduce transport costs. As consumers push for sustainable business

practices to be at the forefront, the service, advice and knowledge that we offer

is welcomed with open arms.


Finally the corrugated industry is

constantly developing with the aid of new technology to reduce its own impact

on the environment. This is shown by the gradual reduction in average board

weights over the last 10 years.


Average corrugated board weights at the

start of 2015 was 464gsm, a reduction of 12% compared to 2005

There is more to just thinking inside the

box, our knowledge is hard earned. Let us pass it on; our reps are specially

trained in all aspects, logistics, transport and individual packaging requirements.

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