Stuck on Stretch-wrap?

Choosing the right type of stretch-wrap (pallet-wrap) can be

tricky and it doesn’t always come down to cost, other factors like bar coding

and noise levels may also come into play.  See our guide below to help you

choose the right type of stretch-wrap and see the options available to buy in

small or large quantities from our stock range in our new Online Shop.

Other options are also available, so if you can’t see what you’re looking for,

please call us on 01491 834 000 or email [email protected]

Blown: This type of film has good holding power and will not

re-stretch once applied. It is not crystal clear but has a low gloss which

reduces reflection. It offers excellent puncture resistance.

Cast: This type of film stretches easily after application which

can cause shifting. It has cling only on one side which is great when you don’t

want your pallets to stick together. It is perfectly clear which makes scanning

and reading easier, but has a high glossy reflection. It has superior tear

resistance. It is very quiet when releasing from the roll.

Pre-stretch: This has a dull hazy appearance, it has excellent

puncture resistance and is easier to apply than standard blown or cast film. It

does not have as much AÎÌøtack’ as blown but it offers more than cast. Because it

is pre-stretched before being applied it uses less film per wrapping load. It

has an excellent film memory making superior wrapped loads.

We also have a range of hand held dispensers, which you can view in Machines & Dispensers, for use with your

stretch-wrap, which are perfect for securing pallets or other items with

stretch-film and can significantly reduce wrapping time.  For high volumes

a mobile pallet wrapper may be more appropriate.  Please see Machines &

Dispensers in our Online Shop or call/email for more information.