Strong Boxes and Bakers Trays

Packaging Supplies are able to manufacture boxes and packaging to meet any specification. One of our clients is a manufacturer in the bakery sector, and we have just completed a project where we designed a strengthened and stackable box to enable them to carry 24 loaves of freshly baked bread.

Without elevating the customers’ costs, we were able to bring in an effective packaging solution to meet their particular packaging constraints.

You can buy AÎÌøoff the shelf’ Bakers Trays in the new Packaging Supplies online shop. We have a range of die cut trays in a number of sizes. These are very popular with our bakery customers for a variety of bread, cakes and pies etc. Click here to visit our online shop.

If you are looking for a bespoke packaging manufacturer give us a call on 01491 834000, or email [email protected] and one of our team will be in touch. To get a taster of our offering, why not visit Bespoke Packaging section here.