Ice Cream Tubs - Compostable

  • Colourful Melt design
  • Compostable, biodegradable & recyclable
  • Range of sizes
  • Strong & premium quality
  • Food grade board with Ingeo™ Bioplastic PLA lining

We have 3 sizes of Ingeo™ Bioplastic PLA ice cream tub available in our colourful "Melt" design.

Product Description Size Pack £ Per Pack (Exc. VAT) Quantity
Code Size 1+ 3+ 5+ 10+ Required
PLA Ice Cream Cup (Melt)
4oz 1000 36.95 34.95 32.95 30.95
PLS Ice Cream Cup (Melt)
8oz 1000 57.00 55.00 53.00 51.00

Our ice cream cups/tubs are made from the same material as our compostable paper cups. The pulp is sourced from responsibly managed paper forests and lined with Ingeo™ Bioplastic PLA. They are fully biodegradable, 100% compostable and recyclable.

How is Ingeo™ Bioplastic PLA sustainable?

Ingeo™ Bioplastic PLA is a substance which is made from a naturally occurring plant material, produced by nature and is annually renewable. This makes Ingeo™ Bioplastic fully biodegradable and 100% compostable, not only is the Ingeo™ Bioplastic used fully compostable, it also has a significantly lower carbon footprint than the fossil fuel-based polymer alternatives.

Other Sustainable Features

• Paper used from responsibly managed forests

• Suitable for hot and cold beverages

• A sustainable solution to oil-based food packaging

• Commercially compostable

• Use non-toxic inks

• Made from plants, not oil!

Our Melt Design

The idea was to come up with a stock design, so customers do not have to invest in a custom mould or printing plate. We feel this design reflects well the large range of flavours available whilst letting your customer know they have an EcoTub that is environmentally friendly.

This ice cream tub comes in 3 sizes, which are sold in pack sizes of 1,000, making them easy to store. Our premium quality and low prices make these a best seller.