Lids - Plastic

  • PS plastic lids
  • Large range of sizes
  • Sold separately to cups
  • 1000 per box

Our plastic lids are always sold separately to our cups and are boxed in 1000’s. We have two sizes of PE lids that fit our entire range of coffee cups.

Product Description Size Pack £ Per Pack (Exc. VAT) Quantity
Code Size 1+ 3+ 5+ 10+ Required
PM3344 White Flip & Sip Lid 8oz 1000 22.95 21.95 0.00 0.00
PM3345 White Flip & Sip Lid 12 or 16oz 1000 22.95 21.95 0.00 0.00

Our plastic lids are all made from PE and come in 2 sizes. They both feature a sip through hole, making them perfect for takeaway coffees. These lids are extremely reliable and versatile, they are an easy to fit lid that aim to prevent any unwanted spills.

Our 8oz PE lids fit our standard 8oz cups in both the single and double wall. The 12-16oz lid will fit all of the other cups in our recyclable coffee cup range.

The impact of single use plastic on our Oceans

Did you know that there is currently 8 million tons of plastic in our oceans? At the rate at which we are adding to this, plastic will soon outweigh the amount of fish in the sea!

The biggest problem with fossil fuel-based polymers that are used to make plastic, is the fact that they are not compostable or biodegradable.

This is why we always offer an eco-friendly alternative. Our compostable coffee cup lids are made from Ingeo™ Bioplastic PLA which is both fully biodegradable and 100% compostable.