Solid Board Edge Protectors

  • Cost effective edge protection of palletised goods or large items
  • Helps prevent movement & collapse of loads promoting safer handling
  • Recycled & recyclable board
  • Use with a Stretch Wrap System
  • Contact Us for size made to order
Product Dimensions Description Pack £ Per Pack (Exc. VAT) Quantity
Code L x W x W Size 1+ 20+ 40+ Required
E1000X50X50 1000mm x 50mm x 50mm 3mm thick Solid Cardboard Edge Protector 50 17.40 11.40 9.60
E1200x35x35 1200mm x 35mm x 35mm 3mm thick Solid Cardboard Edge Protector 50 15.95 10.45 8.80
E1500x35x35 1500mm x 35mm x 35mm Solid Cardboard Edge Protector 50 28.71 18.81 15.84

Solid board edge protectors are a low cost and effective option when looking to add protection during storage and/or transit.

The edge protectors not only protect vunrable edges and corners of palletised goods and other large items, but they will also help prevent movement and collapse, by keeping the load and it’s content more secure.

The more secure the palletised load, the safer the handling. The edge protectors work best with a stretch wrap system which will help to secure the edge protectors and keep them in place.

Our solid board edge protectors are manufactured in the UK from recycled and recyclable board. As well as the standard stock range available here, edge protectors can be made and cut to any size by contacting Packaging Supplies.