Layer Pads

  • Cost effective & versatile
  • Can increase load stability & add extra protection to palletised items
  • Seperates layers or protect the top a pallet against strapping damage
  • Bend to use as corner protection
  • Smaller pads will add support to packages
Product Dimensions Description Pack £ Per Pack (Exc. VAT) Quantity
Code Size 1+ 20+ 40+ Required
PAD1140X900 1140mm × 900mm
45.0″ × 35.5″
Single Wall Layer Pad 40 15.60 13.13 11.90

Single Wall Corrugated Sheets / Layer Pads are manufactured from single wall B Flute giving you approximately 3mm of cardboard protection.

Layer pads are low cost way of increasing the stability of packages and adding additional protection to your palletised items. The layer pads can be used to protect and separate layers of packed cartons or added to the top of pallets to protect against strapping or damage from opening. The corrugated layer pads can also be bent to add extra protection to corners. Smaller pads can be used to add support to packed products that are to be posted, such as prints, photographs and other delicate items.

We can manufacture any size of corrugated layer pad to order in both single or double wall corrugated sheets. Please get in touch for more information.