PET Extruded Polyester Strapping

  • Strong, lightweight, flexible & easy to handle
  • Maintains high levels of tension with the strength of steel
  • Excellent for loads to be stored over time
  • Corrosion resistant with no sharp edges
  • See our PET Strapping Tools
Product Dimensions Description Pack £ Per Pack (Exc. VAT) Quantity
Code W x L (mm x m) Size 1+ 5+ 10+ Required
STRAP12.5X2100PET 12.5 x 2100 Green embossed PET strapping. 330kg breaking strain. 406mm core. 1 89.26 72.41 68.08

PET Extruded Polyester Strapping is a strong, safe, reliable strapping. PET strapping is twice as strong as polypropylene strapping and maintains a high retained tension with the strength of steel.

PET strapping is an excellent choice for strapping very heavy loads and storing loads for long periods.

PET strapping is safer to use than steel strapping, it has no sharp edges and does not present a whiplash hazard to the user. PET strapping is lightweight, flexible and easy to handle.

PET strapping is able to absorb shocks and impacts during transportation and handling. It is virtually unaffected by weather or ultraviolet rays. PET strapping is corrosion-resistant and will therefore not damage or contaminate strapped loads.

PET strapping can be friction welded or secured with metal serrated seals. Friction weld tools can also be purchased from Packaging Supplies.

PET strapping is 100% recyclable when disposed of in the correct way.