Pallet Top Sheets

  • Designed to protect the top of your pallet
  • Protection against weather & assists in containing the load
  • Centre-folded & perforated on the roll allowing easy tear off
  • Secured in place with Stretch Wrap
Product Dimensions Description Pack £ Per Pack (Exc. VAT) Quantity
Code Size 1+ 10+ 20+ Required
PALCOVTOP1 750/1500 x 1500 Top Sheet for Euro/Standard 500 Sheets 126.56 106.58 96.58
PALCOVTOP2 900/1800 x 1800 Top Sheet for Standard/48x48 250 Sheets 102.43 86.26 78.17
PALTOP915X1830C 915/1830 x 1830mm Clear Centerfolded Pallet Top Sheets
200 sheets 84.23 70.93 64.28
PALTOP1000X2000C 1000/2000 x 2000mm Clear Centrefolded Pallet Top Sheets
330 sheets 144.13 121.38 110.00
PALTOP1000X2000B 1000/2000 x 2000mm Black Centrefolded Pallet Top Sheets
330 sheets 109.55 92.26 83.61

The pallet top sheets are designed to protect the just the top of the pallet, once in place the top sheets are secured by stretch wrap. As well as protection against the weather, pallet top sheets help to contain the load.

The pallet top sheets are supplied in a 150 gauge in clear or black. They come centre-folded on a roll and perforated, making them easy to tear off.