Tape Machines & Dispensers

  • More efficient tape application
  • Various options available below
Product Dimensions Description Pack £ (Exc. VAT) Quantity
Code Size Required
2" Hand Held Tape Dispenser with clutch" 1 5.35
3" Hand Held Tape Dispenser with clutch" 1 10.27
Floor Marking Tape Dispenser 1 116.72
TD-BONUS Silent Bonus Tape Dispenser 1 24.32
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Semi Automatic Case Sealer 50mm 1 2149.00

Tape machines and dispensers are designed to make the application of taping much more efficient and easier for the operator.

• Hand held Tape Gun

Our hand held tape gun dispensers are ideal for sealing cardboard boxes quickly and efficiently. We have tape guns suitable for use with 50mm and 75mm tape. The tape guns can be used with a variety of tapes including vinyl and polypropylene.

• Semi-Automatic Case Sealer

Packaging Supplies offer a semi-automatic case sealer for use with our machine applied tape. Our semi-automatic case sealer is particularly efficient for sealing lightweight boxes. It works by sealing the top and bottom of the cardboard box simultaneously. This is a side belt driven sealer designed for the closure of uniformed sized boxes. If you require more technical information on our case sealer or would like to discuss other case sealing options, please do contact Packaging Supplies.

• Floor Marking Tape Dispenser

Use our floor marking tape dispenser to clearly mark out areas of storage or walkways. It could be used for marking areas within a warehouse setting or sports hall. With the floor marking tape dispenser you can mark out areas using straight lines quickly and with minimum effort.

• Silent Bonus Tape Dispenser

The silent bonus tape dispenser is a high quality dispenser specifically for use with bonus tape. It is designed to reduce the noise that solvent and hotmelt bonus tapes makes while dispensing. The tension can be increased on tape release by the adjustable brake. The bonus tape dispenser has an ergonomic comfort handle and is safe and easy to use.