Pure Kraft Paper Rolls

  • High quality brown wrapping paper
  • Strong, presentable & ideal for parcel despatches
  • Tear resistant with excellent strength & durability
  • Kraft Union Paper also available below
  • See our Counter Roll Holders for dispensing
Product Dimensions Description Pack £ Per Pack (Exc. VAT) Quantity
Code Size 1+ 5+ 10+ Required
PK50 70GSM 500mm x 255m 70gsm 1 24.89 20.96 19.00
PK75 70GSM 750mm x 255m 70gsm 1 34.46 29.02 26.30
PK90 70GSM 900mm x 255m 70gsm 1 44.31 37.31 33.81
PK60 90GSM 600mm x 200m 90gsm 1 29.53 24.86 22.53
PK75 90GSM 750mm x 200m 90gsm 1 36.93 31.10 28.18
PK90 90GSM 900mm x 200m 90gsm 1 54.85 46.19 41.86
PK115 90GSM 1150mm x 200m 90gsm 1 56.62 47.68 43.21
PK150 90GSM 1500mm x 200m 90gsm 1 73.90 62.23 56.40

Pure kraft paper rolls are a high quality brown wrapping paper. The Kraft paper has a ribbed appearance on the inside with a smooth outside. This makes it a strong, presentable and ideal choice for wrapping parcels for dispatch by the retail and mail order sector.

Pure kraft paper is tear resistant and offers excellent strength and durability. Because it is made from pure wood pulp it has a higher strength than imitation kraft paper.

Pure kraft paper is supplied on the roll in 70gsm and a 90gsm grades.

The kraft union paper has an additional water resistant layer on one side, making it a good general water resistant wrapping paper. It is supplied in a 120gsm.

Dispensing kraft paper can be made easy by using one of our counter roll holders.