Printer Boxes

  • Ideal for printed material
  • A4 & A5 sizes available off the shelf
  • Supplied flat to save on storage
  • Quickly assembled
  • Get in touch for bespoke sizes (MOQ's apply)

A4 & A5 sized printer ream boxes, perfect for A4 or A5 sized documents and printed material.

Up to 24% price savings for these products if purchased in volume (depending on product & number of packs ordered)
Product Dimensions Description Pack £ Per Pack (Exc. VAT) Quantity
Code L x W x D Size 1+ 10+ 20+ Required
A5REAM-BROWN 216mm x 155mm x 56mm A5 Brown 4 Corner
Glued Box & Lid
100 33.63 28.32 25.67
A4REAM-BROWN 305mm x 216mm x 56mm A4 Brown 4 Corner
Glued Box & Lid
50 17.39 14.64 13.27
A5REAM-WHITE 216mm × 155mm × 56mm
8.5″ × 6.0″ × 2.0″
A5 White 4 Corner Glued Box & Lid 100 42.37 35.68 32.34
A4REAM-WHITE 305mm × 216mm × 56mm
12.0″ × 8.5″ × 2.0″
A4 White 4 Corner Glued Box & Lid 50 20.71 17.44 15.81

Printer boxes or ream boxes are an ideal choice for keeping any printed material in perfect condition. They are often know as Paper Ream Boxes.

Packaging Supplies stock an A4 and A5 4 corner glued printer box & lid in white. These printer ream boxes are in made in a solid board as opposed to a corrugated cardboard. The printer boxes have a smooth white exterior with a grey interior.

The solid board material of these printer boxes gives a high rigidity to the packaging due to it’s density.

The printer ream boxes are supplied flat for ease of storage and are self-erecting so there is no need for additional taping.

Packaging Supplies also offer a brown corrugated A4 telescopic box & lid. These boxes have a sliding lid which enables the height of the box to be adjusted according to the material inside.

The telescopic box and lid is also supplied flat but this version of the printer box will require taping along the flaps of the base and lid.