Cardboard Pallet Boxes

  • Cap, sleeve, tray & heat treated pallet - for exporting very heavy goods
  • ISPM15 compliant
  • Stitched for extra burst strength
  • Quickly collapsed for storage
  • Do you need any Strapping or Protective Packaging?

Cardboard Pallet Boxes designed for exporting very heavy goods via road, rail, sea and air. Stitched for extra burst strength. Cardboard Pallet Box sizes designed to fit into shipping containers without loss of space.

** Prices subject to additional carriage charge outside of the local area **

Up to 24% price savings for these products if purchased in volume (depending on product & number of packs ordered)
Product Dimensions Description Pack £ Per Pack (Exc. VAT) Quantity
Code L x W x D Size 1+ 10+ 20+ Required
X51493 770mm × 570mm × 660mm
30.5″ × 22.5″ × 26.0″
1/2 Europa 1 25.00 22.50 19.00
X51494 1170mm × 770mm × 660mm
46.0″ × 30.5″ × 26.0″
1/1 Europa 1 33.92 30.53 25.78
X51495 1070mm × 870mm × 900mm
42.0″ × 34.5″ × 35.5″
1/1 Container 1 38.20 34.38 29.03

Cardboard Pallet Containers (Pallet Boxes) are designed for export purposes. They are comprised of a cardboard cap, sleeve and tray and are assembled onto a heat treated wooden pallet. When supplied to you these cardboard pallet boxes are collapsed for transportation and storage and can be stacked up to 8 high.

Cardboard Pallet Boxes are stitched for extra burst strength and suitable for the transportation of very heavy goods. The material we used is a strong double wall corrugated board.

All of the pallets supplied with these cardboard pallet boxes are heat treated to ISPM15 (International Phytosanitary Standard for Wood Packaging) making them suitable for export.

All of the sizes listed of the cardboard pallet boxes are designed to pack into shipping containers with no loss of space, optimizing your shipping. They are suitable for distributing goods via road, rail, sea and air.

Once the cardboard pallet boxes have been erected and packed ready for shipping, they can be securely sealed by the use of pallet strapping and / or pallet wrap which will keep the lid in place and the contents secure.