Machine Applied Tape

  • Use with an automatic or semi-automatic dispenser to optimize performance
  • Large roll length meaning fewer roll changes
  • Ideal for continuous packing operations
  • See our tape guide below
Product Dimensions Description Pack £ Per Pack (Exc. VAT) Quantity
Code W x L Size 1+ 10+ 20+ Required
TAPEMBH 48mm x 990m Buff Hot Melt 6 58.48 49.25 44.63
TAPEMCH 48mm x 990m Clear Hot Melt 6 58.48 49.25 44.63
TAPEMCS 48mm x 990m Clear Solvent 6 75.92 63.94 57.94
TAPEMBS 48mm x 990m Buff Solvent 6 75.92 63.94 57.94
TAPEMCA 48mm x 990m Clear HD Acrylic 6 53.81 45.31 41.06

Machine applied tape is used with an automatic or semi-automatic tape dispenser to maximize operator performance. Machine applied tape is supplied with a larger roll length than general packing tape. Larger roll length leads to less roll changes making it ideal for continuous packing operations. We supply machine applied tape in either clear or buff (brown).

Machine applied tape can be made using a variety of different adhesives. Below highlights the differences between these adhesives.


Hotmelt adhesive based tape has a high initial tack and superior holding power. It is a great option for sealing packing boxes that are to be sent out in transit or for strapping boxes together. Hotmelt adhesive based tapes do not require heat to be applied by the user.


Acrylic adhesive based tape is water based. It can be used on items stored in areas that have a range of temperatures and conditions like in warehouses or garages. As Acrylic tape can keep boxes sealed for many years it is an ideal tape for packing cardboard boxes for storage.


Solvent adhesive based tape requires minimal pressure when being applied to achieve superior sealing on either polythene or cardboard. Solvent based tapes are effective in all conditions.