Heavy Duty Export Boxes

  • Strong for heavy goods - stacking, storing & transporting
  • Standard sizes for easy palletisation
  • Supplied flat to save on storage
  • Get in touch for printed export boxes
  • Also see our Packing Tape or Stretch-wrap for securing your loads

Our heavy duty export boxes are Packaging Supplies toughest range of cardboard boxes and are carefully selected by size to ensure they stack neatly onto your pallets for storage or export.

Up to 7% price savings for these products if purchased in volume (depending on product & number of packs ordered)
Product Dimensions Description Pack £ Per Pack (Exc. VAT) Quantity
Code L x W x D Size 1+ 10+ 20+ Required
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770mm × 570mm × 660mm
30.5″ × 22.5″ × 26.0″
1/2 Europa 1 14.63 14.14 13.64
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1070mm × 870mm × 550mm
42.0″ × 34.5″ × 21.5″
1/2 Container 1 21.09 20.37 19.86
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1070mm × 870mm × 900mm
42.0″ × 34.5″ × 35.5″
1/1 Container 1 22.36 21.60 20.84

We can make a stronger box in our custom box solutions, but as a stock box range this is our sturdiest, meaning it is perfect for heavy goods and provides maximum protection. When high value products are involved you need peace of mind at every step of the supply chain. Machines, engine parts, electronic equipment and most engineering parts, look no further.

All of our sizes of heavy duty export box have been selected so they fit will comfortably onto a standard pallet. Our export boxes are available in three transit sizes 1/2 Europa, 1/2 Container and 1/1 Container. This feature to will help ensure easy palletisation.

All of the export boxes available from our packaging shop are supplied in plain brown corrugated. If you would like some more information regarding having these boxes printed, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team.