Hand Applied

  • Effectively secures loads for handling, transportation & storage
  • Protects against dust, dirt & moisture
  • Tamper resistant
  • Range of roll widths & gauges available
  • See our guide below to help choose the right stretch-wrap
Product Dimensions Description Pack £ Per Pack (Exc. VAT) Quantity
Code W x L Size 1+ 10+ 20+ Required
SB17 400 400mm x 250m Clear Blown
17 Micron
6 31.35 26.40 23.93
SB20 400 400mm x 300m Clear Blown
20 Micron
6 44.92 37.82 34.28
SB23 500 500mm x 250m Clear Blown
23 Micron
6 50.05 42.14 38.19
BLK25 500 500mm x 250m Black
25 Micron
6 48.79 41.09 37.24

Stretch wrap is used to tightly hold together and secure loads for transportation.

The pallet wrap / stretch wrap also offers protection against dust and dirt with a degree of moisture protection. Stretch wrap can also increase tamper resistance.

Stretch wrap or stretch film is a stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around items such as a pallet of boxes to form a unit load or it can be used bundle smaller items together. Wrapping your pallets in stretch wrap is a good way to improve the stability of your load leading to more efficient handling and storage.

Hand applied stretch wrap or stretch film is applied by holding either end of the roll and simply stretching it around the pallet. Using a hand held pallet wrap dispenser can make this task much quicker and easier. Some hand applied stretch wrap can be purchased with an extended core. This just means that the inner cardboard tube extends beyond the size of the film, making hand application easier.

Below explains in a little more detail the different types of stretch wrap available.

Blown: A high ‘tack’ or ‘cling’ film with good holding power that will not re-stretch once applied. The blown stretch wrap is not crystal clear but does have a low gloss finish reducing reflection. Blown stretch film is tougher and offers a higher puncture resistance than cast stretch film.

Cast: This film has cling only on one side which is ideal when you don’t want your pallets to stick together. Cast stretch wrap is perfectly clear allowing for scanning technology to be used, it has a high glossy reflection. Cast stretch wrap or film has superior tear resistance and is very quiet when releasing from the roll. Cast film is commonly used to produce machine stretch wrap.