Up to 26% price savings for this product if purchased in volume (depending on number of packs ordered)
Product Dimensions Description / Royal Mail PiP Pack £ Per Pack (Exc. VAT) Quantity
Code L x W x D Size 1+ 10+ 20+ 50+ Required
PS05 229mm × 229mm × 229mm
9.0″ × 9.0″ × 9.0″
Single Wall Cardboard box
25 7.60 6.40 5.80 5.60

Product Information

Internal Dimensions: 229x229x229mm
External Dimensions: 235x235x241mm
FEFCO Code: 0201
Material: 125K/125T B flute
Royal Mail PiP: Medium Parcel

Single wall cardboard boxes are lightweight cardboard boxes that are a cost effective way to pack, store or ship products.

The smaller single wall cardboard boxes can be used for packing all kinds of items, while the larger boxes are ideal for using as an outer shipper for smaller boxes or for packing and storing lightweight products. As well as business use our Stock boxes can be ordered in packs as small as 25 for everyday storage at home. No-body likes clutter!

If you have any questions please just ask, all of our team are trained to help you and we aim to offer a very high standard of service here at Packaging Supplies!

What style are these single wall boxes?

Single wall cardboard boxes (also known as corrugated boxes), are made using a single wall board. This type of board comprises of an inner and outer liner around a single layer of fluting. Our stock range of single wall cardboard boxes is in brown and in the traditional 0201 style.

All 0201 cardboard stock boxes can be assembled quickly and easily and are secured by taping the top and bottom flaps. See our packing tape section for all your packing tape requirements.

How are these single wall boxes delivered?

All our single wall cardboard boxes are supplied to our customer’s flat packed, so you will need additional tape to seal them, we would recommend packing tape from our range and using a tape dispenser can really speed up the process!

You don’t have to worry about a problem in transit; we will either use our own Lorries or vans for delivery. We also have a courier service available for smaller orders.

What are Multi Score boxes?

Some of our cartons have multi-depth scores; this is a clever way of enabling you to use the same box for a few different functions. Giving you a variable depth reduces the empty space left by using a cardboard box that is too large, meaning that you need to add less void fill.

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