Box Kit 2

Product Dimensions Description Pack £ (Exc. VAT) Quantity
Code Size Required
Box Kit 2 Various Sizes 40 Boxes 40 68.33

Product Information

This Box Kit 2 includes:
10 Double wall boxes 406x279x279mm
20 Double wall boxes 457x305x305mm Varie-depth 
10 Double wall boxes 600x280x230mm

We have developed a range of moving kits, complete with storage boxes, packing tape and marker pens. We also have a range of smaller box packs which you can purchase to top up the moving kits if required.

What’s in our Moving Kits?

In each of our house moving kits, we have included a range of box sizes in varying quantities. A 500mm roll of bubble for safely wrapping and packing breakable items. Good quality packing tape for sealing your double wall boxes. A marker pen for labelling your boxes.

What’s so good about Packaging Supplies Moving Boxes?

All of the boxes selected for our moving packs are of a good quality strong double walled corrugated board. These boxes have been carefully selected in size and strength to allow many household items to be packed, stacked and transported or stored safely.

As well as the pre-made moving kits, we offer smaller packs of boxes that include a number of different sizes in one pack and as well as this we also offer a huge range of standard double wall boxes all of which can be brought in bulk at discounted prices. See our additional double walled boxes.

What can I pack my fragile items in?

For packing fragile items for your house move, we have included at least one roll of bubble in each of our moving kits, but you can also buy additional small sized bubble rolls as well as industrial sizes.

Smaller delicate items may be required to be wrapped first in tissue paper, which we have included on our accessories list.

As well as the standard brown packing tape for sealing your moving boxes, you may also need some tape printed ‘fragile’, this will help when using an external removals company.

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