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**Also for Hire** 9-16mm x 0.7-1.05mm
Friction Weld Tool with Charger & Battery.
One of the fastest tools on the market. Exceptional tension range.
1 1479.48

Product Information

  • Friction Weld Tool with Battery & Charger
  • One of the fastest tools on the market
  • Can strap, tension, seal and cut in less than 3 seconds
  • Ergonomic and rugged design assists maximum operator comfort with minimum effort
  • Extremely simple strap feeding with both straps inserted together
  • Exceptional tension range and applies up to 240kg with ease
  • Flexible sealing mode allowing you to choose form semi-automatic or fully automatic
  • Suitable for polyester 0.4mm - 1.05mm
  • Suitable for polypropylene 0.7mm - 10.5mm
  • Fully adjustable strap tension up to 240kg
  • Total weight including battery 4.5kilos

Packaging Supplies have a range of essential strapping tools that will help save time and labour on strapping and sealing.

Our range includes manual hand strapping tools and battery operated tools.

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