Bag products, layflat tubing and stocked plastic bags.

We have a large range of polythene bags, suitable for all kinds of products. This range includes grip-seal bags, zip lock bags and clear polythene bags. We also stock bag neck sealers and tape. We also stock a large range of opaque Mailing bags and poly mailers.

Packaging Supplies provide a comprehensive range of polythene bags, including self-sealing bags such as grip seal bags. Our poly bag range is suitable for all kinds of products and uses.

Clear Polythene Bags

The main function of the clear polythene bags is to protect items from dust, dirt and moisture. Polythene bags are also great for displaying retail products as the items inside will be visible.

With over 24 variations of poly bag available you will be certain to find the right bag for your needs. The list of products that can be packed into a polythene bag are endless but you could use them for clothing, booklets, papers, toys and even food products because all of our clear polythene bags are food grade approved.

As well as the huge choice in our online shop, polythene bags can be made to order, so please get in touch with us if you have a specific requirement.

Cellophane Bags

Cellophane bags or Clear CPP bags (Cast Polypropylene Bags) are crystal clear bags which makes them perfect for displaying retail products. They are well used for clothing items such as T-Shirts and are commonly referred to as ‘T-Shirt Bags’ or ‘Clothes Bags’. As well as T-Shirts these clear cellophane clothes bags are used for all manner of textiles and clothing.

Although Packaging Supplies currently only have 1 size of t-shirt bag available to buy in our online shop, we can provide many other sizes suitable for all kinds of uses such as for packing greeting cards or protecting photography or artwork. Just get in touch to let us know your requirements.

Cellophane bags can also be customised with printing, so please get in touch to discuss your options with us.

Self-Sealing Grip Seal Bags

Again, we have a huge range of self-sealing grip seal bags available to buy in our online packaging shop. With both clear grip seal bags and write on grip seal bags, these are an ideal choice for storing and identifying your products.

As well as the polythene and cellophane bags above, the self-sealing grip seal bags also protect against dust, dirt and moisture and they are suitable for use with food.

The reusable squeeze and seal closure is a handy feature of the grip seal bag, securing your product and meaning they can be used time and time again.

Bubble Bags

Bubble bags are used for adding an extra layer of protection around delicate items before they are packaged into their outer packaging, such as a cardboard box. You will find a large range of sizes available to buy in our packaging shop along with some anti-static protective bubble bag options.

Your items will be secured inside the protective bubble bag using the peel and seal closure strip. The air bubbles will cushion your products and help to prevent damages during transit.

Refuse Sacks

Packaging Supplies offer a high quality black polythene refuse sack in a standard size. These refuse sacks are suitable for domestic and industrial use.

For coloured or printed refuse sacks, please get in touch with us.

Layflat Polythene Tubing

Layflat polythene tubing is an extremely versatile product than can be cut and sealed to make custom sized bags of almost any size. If you are packing irregular sized products, layflat polythene tubing could be the perfect option for you.

The layflat polythene tubing is supplied as standard in roll widths from 2” right up to 48”, the poly tubing is supplied on a roll as a continuous length which is then cut and sealed using a heat sealer to make a polythene bag.

As with the polythene bags, the layflat tubing will protect your products against dust, dirt and moisture and display your products in a clear polythene.

As well as the extensive list of sizes available in our packaging shop, layflat polythene tubing can be manufactured to order in different thicknesses with a short lead time. Layflat polythene tubing can also be produced in coloured polythene and can be printed on. Please get in touch with us for further details.

Mailing Bags

Our mailing bags are strong, waterproof polythene mailers suitable for posting out all manner of products.

Due to the opacity of the mailing bags, the contents of the bags are not visible. The contents of the polythene mailers are further more protected by the strong adhesive peel and seal strip.

We have a good range of mailing bags in our packaging shop for all budgets. If you require custom printed polythene mailing bags, please get in touch with us.

Carrier Bags

Packaging Supplies online shop stock a range of different styles of carrier bag to suit a range of retail outlets.

Our budget range of carrier bags are the white vest carrier bags, these carrier bags are supplied perforated on the roll for easy storage and come in a range of sizes gauges.

Next up are our patch handle carrier bags. The patch handle carrier bags have a re-enforced handle for extra strength and are supplied white or clear. These patch handle carrier bags are stylish and are very popular with retailers.

Our premium carrier bag is the clip close handle carrier bag. This style of carrier bag is of a heavy duty gauge with an integral white profile clip close fastening to help keep items securely inside the bag. These clip close carrier bags are popular with cosmetics, jewellery and fashion retailers.

Both our patch handle bags and clip close handle carrier bags can also be custom printed by getting in touch with us.

Back Neck Ties and Sealers

Packaging Supplies have a range of products available for securing your polythene bags. As well as our heat sealer range, we provide bag neck ties in a range of colours and bag sealing tape in a range of colours.