Small & Large Cardboard Boxes

We can supply all your cardboard boxes at Packaging Supplies Ltd.  Starting from small cardboard boxes, right through to large cardboard boxes. Our stock range has been selected for a purpose, all offering different sizes and packaging solutions.  

All of our cardboard boxes are manufactured and monitored to maintain a very consistent and high quality cardboard box. Each of our packing boxes, have a weight load recommendation and this need to be considered at part of the selection, whether it is single wall (small cardboard boxes), double wall or triple wall cardboard boxes (large cardboard boxes)

Speak to one of our friendly team today, they will help you find the right packaging boxes. If a stock cardboard box does not satisfy your packaging requirement we can look at custom box options for you!

It isn’t just over night that we have become a leading cardboard box supplier, we have achieved this with hard work and patience over 35 years. We achieve this by being very competitive on all of our packaging boxes and offering a range of different sizes and styles.

Single Wall Cardboard boxes:

This is by far the most common and our most popular range of cardboard boxes. These packaging boxes can be used in a number of ways throughout storage and distribution. The price breaks offered in our packaging shop are by no means fixed so please get in contact to open a trade account and enjoy further bulk discounts.

Double Wall Cardboard boxes:

Next up is our double wall packaging boxes, which is exactly what is says on the tin, it is two layers of cardboard. The Purpose of these storage boxes is to help with bulkier and heavier items. Let’s face it if a product is damaged on route to your customer or client, you or the courier is liable. It reflects badly on your brand, if you are experiencing these problems, we can help. You can further benefit from bulk discount and stock holding, just pick up the phone now.

Triple Wall Cardboard boxes:

A corrugated triple wall design is a very much bespoke item; not very many UK packaging suppliers stock them. We fall into this category; this is due to this requirement being a specific bespoke specification, for a bespoke product. As with all our products, we believe in quality, so we will design your tri wall cardboard boxes and protective packaging specifically around your product. Finding the best packaging solution for you!

Environmental boxes:

The corrugated industry is always looking to lower the weight on our entire product whilst keeping the strength qualities. This range of cardboard boxes, has the same strength quality as a double wall but has less material.

It is worth noting that all of our cardboard boxes (not just in this range) are 100% recyclable. Most of our paper based packaging will consist of 80% recycled paper and 20% wood from sustainable forests, we can also provide cardboard boxes made from 100% recycled paper when requested.

Die Cut Boxes:

We try and improve our die cut box stock range continuously, by doing this we absorb the set up charge for you. Meaning no start-up costs, this can be seen in our postal boxes, bakery trays, book boxes and gable boxes. Meaning you can have packaging boxes that have a few additional feature.

Postal Box: Perfect for mailing products, they are made from corrugated cardboard, they are compact and durable with a self-locking design

Bakers trays: Used by bakers all over the country, corrugated has the strength and practicality to replace plastic trays

Book Boxes: Offering the best style for protecting books etc. being sent mail order

Gable Boxes: Stand out from the crowd in the takeaway and food delivery industry with our stock carry handle cardboard boxes

All of the above designs are delivered flat packed and are quick and easy to assemble, however you can refer to our box assembly guides for further illustration.

Find the right packaging solution with our large range of cardboard boxes along with all the packaging materials that go along with them. As our packaging box range is continuously expanding be sure to keep coming back to see what new style and sizes are on offer.