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The shelf in which produce sit in the supermarkets and other retail outlets is constantly evolving.  Retail and shelf ready packaging have become part and parcel of the shopper experience over a large and varied range of industries. We live in an era of the marketer; everything from strapping to tape has become branded in the packaging world. Why shouldn’t the boxes supplied to stores also offer promotion and generate sales. When you’re walking around a supermarket, brands are looking for any in store touching points they can get! This is why this style of packaging and marketing departments harmonies so well.

What is Shelf Ready

Packaging (SRP) or Retail Ready Packaging (RRP)? The primary purpose of SRP is to ensure that products which are packed in SRP are quickly and easily placed on the supermarket or shop shelf without the need for any unpacking and re-stacking. Shelf ready packaging comes in many forms and covers all types of packaging specifically designed for retail.

Secondary purpose of shelf ready or retail packaging is to collate and protect your products.  To qualify as SRP the packaging should be:

  • Easy to identify
  • Easy to open
  • Easy to dispose of
  • Easy to shelf
  • Easy to shop

These elements of SRP or RRP will help to successfully move your products through the supply chain.

Effect of Good Retail

Packaging in store include

  • Good merchandising
  • Branding and increased consumer communication
  • Less risk on new ranges or products
  • Product selection made easier

Faster store replenishment, some leading supermarket won’t accept non RRP for this reason

Effect on Supply Chain

(remember 90% of packaging costs are hidden)

  • Sophisticated design enables better design, less damages and refunded items
  • Streamlined process
  • Maximum amount of product per pallet, less lorries and better for the environment
  • Less storage space needed

The Corrugated industry is continuously evolving and through clever design and experience we enable companies to drastically save money and lower their carbon footprint.

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