Postal & Mailing Part 2

Following our theme on the packaging that we have available for posting or courier despatch, you can also buy the following items from our Online Shop:

Mailing Bags

Opaque Polythene mailing bags are a favourite for mail order companies and eBay traders.  All of the mailing bags that we stock online are waterproof offering ideal protection for goods in transit.  All polythene mailing bags have a peel and seal strip helping to securely close the bag with ease.

Packaging Supplies offer three types of mailing bag in our online shop in a huge range of sizes to suit almost any product or budget. If you are looking for a size or colour of mailing bag not listed, please contact us for a quotation.

Featherpost Mailing Bags

Featherpost bags or Featherpost envelopes are great for mailing all sorts of delicate items.  Featherpost mailers could be used for mailing mobile phones, jewellery, CD’s or small electrical components.

Featherpost bags are lightweight making them economical mailing. They are a strong protective bag with a water resistant outer lining and a protective inner bubble lining.

Jiffy Padded Mailing Bags

Jiffy padded bags also known as Jiffy mailers or Jiffy padded envelopes are considered stronger and more durable than bubble lined mailers.  Jiffy padded bags have a puncture and tear resistant outer lining and they are padded with a fibre cushioning material.  The inner lining is also smooth making it easier to pack items quickly.

Jiffy padded bags have double glued bottom flaps and four fold corners so they offer good additional corner protection in transit. The Jiffy padded bags have a self-seal strip making them easy to secure without the additional need for taping, in turn making them quick and easy to pack and secure.

Other items available in our Postal & Mailing section are Book Wraps, Postal Tubes & Document Enclosed Wallets.