Printing for boxes, bags, tape & more . . .

Branding is essential for product recognition, brand reinforcement, repeat sales and for getting noticed by those all important new customers.

It is a well-known fact that people do judge a product by the packaging containing it, therefore it is important to showcase your products’ through good quality printed packaging.

Printed Boxes & Sleeves

Printed corrugated boxes, printed carton board boxes, printed rigid or paper covered boxes, printed transparent boxes and printed cardboard sleeves can all be produced to enhance the look of your product.

Printing options include flexographic, lithographic, screen and digital.  Lots of additional added value features can then be used such as spot varnishes, over-laminations, metallic or textured inks and foil blocking.

Custom Printed Bags

For a more environmentally friendly printed bag option, compared to traditional polythene or plastic, Kraft paper and laminated paper bags can be custom printed to give an uplift to your brand image whilst keeping your green credentials intact.

Printed paper bags can be ordered to any size and with many different handle combinations. Handle options include; flat or twisted paper, cotton, rope and satin ribbon. The paper bags can be printed and laminated to give a more luxury feel or simply left to give a more natural look.

Custom Printed Tape 

Printed Tape is a very cost-effective and simple way to promote your brand. Using custom printed tape containing your own company logo and message, is a great way to advertise your company and re-enforce your brand identity.  Custom printed tape is particularly popular for businesses that use a plain brown or white shipping box, especially when the volumes don?t justify a custom printed box.

Custom printed packing tape will; seal your boxes, enforce recognition of your brand and make your packaging tamper resistant!

Ordering your custom printed tape from Packaging Supplies is quick and simple. You can choose between a high-quality polypropylene or more cost-effective vinyl packaging tape, supplied in various roll widths and lengths. Printed tape can be ordered through our online shop or by asking us for a quotation.

Other Printed Packaging

Almost any custom packaging can be printed, other items include: