Packaging Trends 2016

Advances in technology leading to a change to consumer engagement and creating a much desired packaging experience

Letter blocks forming the word "trends".

1. Bespoke Labelling – Originally centred on the extremely successful Coca-Cola’s ‘share a Coke’ Campaign printing popular names on their original coke label. Marmite and Nutella have developed this further renting shop retail space and printing bespoke labels in front of your eyes.

According to Mintel, the next generation of trends in packaging is centred on a digital evolution. Around 25% of Chinese consumers say that they would pay more for personalised packaging*

2. Growth in Online Retail – This is no new trend, but due to the ecommerce packaging making up such a large part of the market, it is not surprising that other trends are related. It has been predicted that ecommerce sales in the UK are expected to reach an astonishing £86.96bn by 2019.*

Recently Amazon has come under a lot of pressure for excessive packaging, resulting in a high demand for bespoke outer shippers. It is important that retailers use packaging that is easy to open and fits through the letterbox wherever possible.

3. Environmental Pressures – There is an increasing pressure from consumers wanting branding to do the right things regarding environmental conscious packaging, however these same customers are unwilling to pay more for this. Advances have been made in reusable packaging. ASOS have very successfully incorporated reusable postal bags for their customers.

4. Packaging Experience – A survey by Dotcom in the US has revealed that 52 percent of customers are more likely to make a repeat purchase from a company that have premium packaging. Furthermore the same study discovered that nearly 4 in 10 customers would discuss and share their experience if they deem the packaging to be unique.*

A packaging experience is something that needs to be considered. Whenever a wow factor is created there is more chance that customer will return time and time again whilst helping to market potential new customers.

There is no limit to how bespoke you can go with your packaging requirements, we thrive on the test. For further information on how Packaging Supplies can benefit your operation, bringing you up to speed for 2016.