Packaging Know-How for the peak season


big packaging mistakes that will see failure in the Peak season 

It sounds incredibly sad however the peak

season, the lead up to Christmas will be soon upon us. Within this period

planning and forecasting is everything. Which is why you need to start now.


Failure to Plan: We think this is a very

good place to start, plan exactly what is required for the packaging of each

product. Before the busy season starts you should know exactly the average time

that it takes to pack each product, once you know this you can experiment with

packaging machines or other packing equipment to decide whether this will

assist in speeding up this process. This will then give you valued information

for the forecasting for the dispatching of orders and lead times of future orders.

See our Packaging Machines here.


Understanding your demand: This goes

hand in hand with planning, this is somewhere where even the largest of large

companies can come unstuck. Review you figures from the same quarter the

previous year with any expectations of growth or reductions this will help to

give you an understanding of what will be required.

3.     Innovate where possible: The

Packaging Industry is so large, whether you are a

manufacturer, importer or have an online presence there will be a requirement

for packaging in some form. However,

there are very few packaging companies out there that are actually innovating.

The biggest reason for this is that it is cheaper to have a one size fit all

packaging. Take Korrvu packaging for example, we have standard sizes to fit

phones, iPad’s and many other products. We work hard to develop our online

range, so you know exactly what is out there, a snapshot into new products.

4.     Be smart and respectful about

Packaging: The biggest mistake that is being made

at the moment is that packaging is only being considered within companies for

just their own benefit i.e. the one size fits all situations. The largest

retailer in the world has been guilty of this, Amazon are under more pressure

to reduce their packaging size and waste. How can you be respectful to

packaging? The respect comes when considering if the packaging is the right

size for the product and how easy it is for your customer to discard the

packaging. We have all been there trying to stuff empty pizza boxes into bins,

it isn’t enjoyable.

5.     Be prepared for all

Outcomes: This is where Packaging Supplies comes

into its own. You need to see our warehouse as an extension of your own. Stock

and call off is so essential at this point once we have it in stock, we can dispatch

it to you on a next day delivery basis (on orders received before 3pm). It gets

even easier with your own customer log in, giving you instant stock checks and an

online ordering platform through the back office of our website.


5 mistakes are just the beginning, with over 35 years in business in this

industry we can help to save you time and money. So please feel free to catch up with one of

our friendly team today on 01491834000.