Make your Brand Tick!

Some Simple Techniques To Really Make Your Brand Tick!

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With growing customer power on social media, giving them a platform for online review and the increase level of customer choice out there. The companies that are the most successful in retaining customers through brand loyalty simply don’t just offer what the customer want, they go beyond customer expectation and really make their brand tick.

You might be asking how this relates to packaging. We believe this is a list all companies should look to tick to reinforce brand loyalty through packaging.

1. Make sure the product is delivered in one piece! Nothing more frustrating than waiting for a parcel to arrive and finding it turns up damaged. It may be the courier company’s fault, but this will result in a negative effect towards your brand.

2. Don’t Over pack. With growing pressure for companies to be environmentally conscientious this is an area where companies can let themselves down. This combined with frustration of being left with the headache of having to dispose of loads of awkward packaging.

3. Make sure your product is assessable. Having packaging that is hard to open is a thing of the past. Designs that include tear strips on the box are a simple solution to this problem, which have no adverse effect on the protection of the product.

4. Branding isn’t just effective on the outside. Not every company want branding on the outside of their packaging due to postal security issues, if it is a high value product. So why not reinforce your brand image with print on the inside of the packaging. This is a key area where companies can go past the expectations of their customers.

5. Offer returnable packaging. Linking nicely to our first point, when a product is damaged or the wrong size. Take the initiative, providing returnable packaging.  Solving this annoying inconvenience for the customer.

We believe that when this list is considered, it shows that companies are constantly seeking out problems that their customers are experiencing and coming up with solutions. This goes a long way to reinforcing your brand and making sure the customer gets the experience they expect and deserve.

Having worked with a wide range of companies, coming up with these sorts of solutions for over 35 years. We would like to hear from you so we can help your company, if you are just starting out or been trading for years it makes no difference to us. Contact us today!