It’s all about Strapping . . .

Below is a guide to buying your strapping from Packaging Supplies

Polypropylene Strapping is the most common type of strapping, it is flexible and light and suitable for most applications, such as bundling magazines, newspaper and cut paper or securing small units, packages or corrugated cardboard boxes together.  Because Polypropylene strapping does not rust, it will not stain the strapped items.

Packaging Supplies have a range of polypropylene hand applied and semi-automatic machine applied strapping supplied on either a plastic or cardboard core.

If you are looking for a tougher alternative to polypropylene strapping Packaging Supplies have a range of steel strapping to choose from.

Steel Strapping is the strongest strapping available and more suitable to applications where slow stretching under tension may be likely. It is used for heavier packs being strapped such as timber or pipes or where strapped items are stored for longer periods.

If you are buying strapping you may need seals, buckles and edge protectors for securing your strapping.

The Semi Open Standard Metal Seals that Packaging Supplies have on offer this week can be sealed with a Strapping Sealer or Combination Tool.  You will also find a Combination Tool and Strapping Trolley in the Special Offers section of our online shop this week.

The Serrated semi-open seals have the advantage of griping onto the strapping which can help improve the breaking strain of the strapping.

Both the plastic and metal buckles are used to tension the strapping.

Our Strapping Dispenser Trolley has wheels which allow the user to move the trolley easily to various locations within the packing area and comes with a handy tray ideal for storing seals and buckles.  It is for use with strapping supplied on plastic cores.

The Combination Tool is an all-in-one tool for tensioning, sealing and cutting 12mm polypropylene strapping.

If you would like more information on the products available, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.