Green Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging is at the centre of our production and supply chain; let us aid you with green packaging details and specifications for any regulations.


Helping you become greener

Packaging Supplies knows it?s our duty to keep up to date with regulations about recycling materials. All of the boxes that we supply are manufactured using part recycled material and we can produce boxes from 100% recycled material upon request.

We work closely with all authorities within our industry, we are proud to do our part. The corrugated industry is a vital cog in the system, helping companies lower their carbon footprint.

Helping you become greener

Through the use of our detailed design service we can help provide packaging that will maximize your storage space and minimize transit cost. We take into account your packing operation and create custom packaging for you. Meaning fewer lorries on the road.  Most costs associated with packaging are hidden, through undertaking a Packaging Audit, we can help identify and correct these hidden costs.

At Packaging Supplies, providing a custom packaging service isn?t just designing custom boxes for you, it also includes looking at your warehouse layout and the machines you are equipped with. Time is money, which is why packing speed is a vital part of any work force. We can review your current picking and packing operation and show new methods with scientific time savings that can be made.

Helping us become greener

It doesn?t just stop now, the industry as a whole through the introduction of new technologies, has reduced its own impact on the environment. An example in this area is shown through the gradual decline in packaging waste over the last 10 years.

Average corrugated board weights at the start of 2015 was 464gsm, a reduction of 12% compared to 2005.

All this proves there is more to just thinking inside the box, our knowledge is hard earned. Let us pass it on.