Get ready the Digital Evolution is Coming

Get ready the digital

revolution is coming!

On Saturday the 8th of January, I participated in

the big bang data exhibition at Somerset house in London. It was an exhibition at

which a designer and an artist helped us to understand this brave new digital

world in which we live.

The main fact that I took home from the day, was that 90% of

the world data has been created over the last two years (SINTEF 2013), I dread

to imagine what it will be like three years down the line from where we are


Whether we like it or not? The smartphone, cloud, social

media and global communications, will change and affect our lives in ways we

can’t even begin to comprehend, in both social and professional aspects.

As a consumer and

professional in the packaging industry, how will these expediential speeds of

digital advancements affect us?

In simple form, advances in technology are leading to a

change in consumer engagement and striving towards creating a much more desired

packaging experience®.

Coke, through their AÎÌøshare a coke’ campaign, also similarly used

by Marmite and Nutella, have successfully used digital printing to create a personal

marketing campaign® via their packaging. According to AÎÌøThe future of digital

print for packaging to 2024′ study, the worth of this market in 2015 was valued

at £10.5 billion, this is expected to grow annually by 13.6% through to 2024 *.

The customised and personalised packaging market is a prime

example of new techniques used to engage with the customer. This is a service

that the consumer is willing to pay extra for. I must admit I fall into this

bracket, purchasing a marmite with a family members name on it. Mintel

reported, 25% of Chinese consumers say they are willing to pay more for

personalised packaging.*

Engaging with the customer is always a priority for big

brands, this priority is matched with reactive communication, never has it been

so important for a marketer to react to key events or news. That is why this demand

and digital printing packaging are a match made in heaven.

What digital printing brings to the table is better

speed-to-market, servicing the consumer a lot quicker. Allowing them to offer a

packaging experience, historically this experience used to come at a prohibitively

expensive cost.


It is just large

brands reaping the rewards?

The answer is no, it is perfectly suited to smaller

companies producing small numbers, new start-up companies and marketing


Digital printing, combined with the use of a CAD cutting table

can print on most materials up to the thickness of 25mm; this flexibility means

that it is possible to print on to many different materials, corrugated board,

folding cartons and even wood.

It is so appealing to smaller companies due to the small

start-up cost attached to this. There are no tooling or set up charges. Perfect

run sizes sitting between 1 to 500 in quantity. Due to these figures it is no

surprise that point of sale displays have become popular for digital printing.



In January 2015, the pharmaceutical industry had to start,

what is going to be a massive overhaul of their supply chains. In a new drive

to create transparency for the end consumer, they are required to exchange

traceability information and conduct investigations of suspect products, which

will include verification transaction history.

This will develop to a full-serialised manufacture process

by 2017 and final transition stage to an electronic, interoperable traceability

system at packaging level. *

The pharmaceutical and food industry are worlds apart but

can these same technological advances on traceability and increasing

transparency be also implemented in the food industry?

What can you lose?

Please feel free to contact us, let us understand your operation

and we can see where you can capitalise on this new digital world!




* Mintel (2016) Global Packaging Trends AÎÌøa fast forward look

at how the next generation of packaging is engaging consumer in 2016.