Contract Packing & Fulfillment Services

When contract packing is undertaken to the highest standard it should be viewed as an extension of your current business operation. Packme, a division of Packaging Supplies works hard to offer a transparent supply chain, which will reflect the quality, inventory management controls, and standards that you dictate when you engage our services.

Read on to find out  the benefits you gain from using our services:

1) Greater flexibility: Free up your space, release the pressure and burden on your facilities.  We have the knowledge and the equipment to efficiently handle a wide range of labeling and fulfillment jobs.

2) Experience at meeting customer demand: Regardless of your challenges with packaging, we have a wealth of experience in  meeting specific customer needs and deadlines.

3) Limiting Costs: Having the ability to select the right packaging processes and materials to match, is the fine line between a to budget® operation or overspending. 35 years in the packaging industry is a valuable resource that you can tap into.

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