Whatever you are packing, Packaging Supplies have the protection you need to ensure your products arrive safely at their destination.  As well as providing the packing boxes and containers, Packaging Supplies also supply the additional packing items you need to wrap and protect your goods in transit.  Below is an overview of some of the products on offer in our online shop.

Corrugated Paper Rolls

This is lightweight and economical. Ideal for wrapping and cushioning products that are boxed.  It’s corrugated fluting is ideal for protection against impact damage and reduces vibration in transit.

Pure Kraft Paper Rolls

A high performance, tear resistant brown wrapping paper.

Tissue Paper

Ideal for gift-wrapping delicate goods. The Acid free is suitable for packing silverware and jewellery.

Void fill

PakNatural loose fill provides cushioning and protection from migrating inside the box, without the static cling of that made of polystyrene chips and is 100% recyclable.

Bubble Rolls

AirCap bubble rolls in a small or a large bubble. Depending on the size this can be used for protection and/or void fill.  Anti-Static bubble is ideal protection for products sensitive to static electricity, preventing electrostatic damage to packaged components and devices.

Bubble Bags

Protective Bubble bags in a range of sizes with an adhesive strip.  Packaging Supplies have standard and anti-static bags for both general products and sensitive electrical components.

Featherpost Mailers

Featherpost bags are lightweight, bubble lined mailing envelopes in white, gold and extra strong mottled.

Jiffy Padded Mailers

Jiffy padded bags are puncture and tear resistant, they have double-glued bottom flaps and four-fold corners to ensure maximum durability and damage free goods.

Mailing Bags

Lightweight or glossy blue mailing bags, they are waterproof and have a peel and seal strip. Ideal for mail order companies and eBay traders.

Postal Tubes

We stock one standard size of postal tube, but postal tubes can be manufactured to order within 7 days. Please email [email protected] or call Packaging Supplies on 01491 834 000 for further information.