Display Packaging Œ_ An effective marketing tool

If you want to

increase your products aesthetic value, well designed innovative packaging is

key.  Good retail display packaging will

eliminate the need to package and repackage for retail use.

One of the market

drivers for good display packaging are the cost benefits for retailers. The

brand and product type should be easily identified by staff, which will reduce

the time taken to sort, open and display products.  Because this increases efficiency of labour

it will positively improve the overall performance of the retail outlet.  With a good print design, the display

packaging will aid brand recognition and help to increase sales.


Consultants have recently done just that and aided by their packaging

manufacture, launched a new packaging design for BirdsEye Inspirations range.

ŒïBrandonŒÍs design uses

mouth-watering images of food on the front of pack, inspired by the editorial

style of food photography currently seen in food and lifestyle


BrandonŒÍs work moves away from

the rest of the frozen fish category, strengthens the brand and creates an

iconic logotype icon reminiscent of restaurant signage to communicate the

premium quality of the productŒÍ. (Packaging Europe).

Not only does innovatively

printed packaging increase brand visibility and allow customers to locate

products quickly, if coupled with high quality packaging it increases the

in-store retail experience for consumers. 

When a product is presented

attractively, coupled with enhanced brand recognition, good display packaging

facilitates the product selection, leading to impulsive purchasing.

We work with many marketing consultants

to produce new and exciting packaging for manufacturers, get in touch today for

a quotation.

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