Packaging Machines


Any operation now, with a large and varied selection of packaging systems, can become a first class packaging operation with very limited start-up costs and minimal training

In most cases packaging machine systems can be rented or are even supplied free, depending on your usage of the material that is used in partnership with the system.

There is a packaging machine out there to save you time and over usage of your packaging, and we are here to help guide you and advise you on the type of machinery best suited to your operation. On this page is a brief introduction to a few of the types of machines popular with packing organisations, but all machine purchases are best made by calling to speak to our friendly packaging team in the first instance.

Packaging Machinery can be split into two very easy to understand sections; these are Packing & Protecting and Wrapping & Sealing. It is these two sections, that we will go into more detail below:

Packing and Protecting

When it comes to packing, time is money. Any process or packing machine that can be added to save time and simultaneously give your product the appropriate protection and/or fills any void box space is invaluable to your operation.

When it comes to shipping product, one problem often overlooked by packers is empty space inside the cardboard box.  Any cardboard box which has not been filled and packed correctly will ultimately be compromised on strength and other characteristics such as stack-ability.  Below are a few options to overcome these problems.

Instapak Systems:

Instapak systems bring to life foam in place packaging on a more functional and flexible scale. Instapak uses foam packaging that will protect and surround product, we have different systems for different requirements

  • Instapak Simple
  • Instapak iMold

Air Pillow Machines & Air cushioning:

Let your packing operation, become first class with this cost effective solution. Air Pillow or Air Cushioning machinery, depending on your preference, allow you to protect large numbers of products very quickly and act as Void fill limiting the amount the product can move in transit. Product protection, is being offered from the absorbing layer of bubble wrap to every box.

  • Sealed Air Rocket
  • Sealed Air New Air IB

Wrapping and Sealing

Making sure your product gets to the end user undamaged is the most important objective when it comes to order fulfillment. In the day and age we live in the customer really is king; the level of platform they have to write complaints has never been higher.  So, it has never been more important to get your product to the customer in one piece. 

Wrapping and sealing your product, is a huge chunk of our packaging system and machinery range. This spans the wrapping of one parcel to strapping multiple parcels or on the larger scale, the protection and secure wrapping of pallets, all to limit the damage that is caused in transit. 

Pallet Wrapping Machinery:

If your operation wraps more than 20 pallets by hand-stretch film, there are saving to be made by considering Pallet Wrapping Machines. Savings will be made on the amount of wrap in applied per pallet.


Strapping Machines:

Using a tool that is operated by hand is perfectly suited for strapping a few packaging per day for transit or storage. When the value increases and it becomes 15 plus a day ‘Time is money’ and with a small investment in one of our strapping machines, there are large savings to me made. 

  • Semi Automatic Strapping Packaging Machine
  • Automatic Strapping Packaging Machine