Transparent Boxes


Stand out from the crowd with unique printing & design features

Transparent packaging can be used for a large range of products generally bracketed within the umbrella of Gift Packaging. The markets using this type of clear box packaging include food, personal care, seasonal gifts, flowers and confectionery.

Clear Acetate boxes for all products

Packaging Supplies Ltd is always looking to expand our retail, gift and custom packaging range. Meeting the demands of our customers, we realise the ability to showcase your product is one way to stand out from the crowd and transparent packaging can do this, by offering a varied and flexible packaging solution, that will immediately put your product on display. 

Product Range  

We can produce PET, RPET, PETE, APET & APETP packaging, commonly referred to as acetate boxes.  The range includes custom sized or printed transparent boxes, sleeves & collars, clear tubes and custom fittings.

Different design features are available, such as cartons with handles, boxes with hinged tuck in lids, crash lock base boxes and irregular shaped packaging.  All available in different strengths of material, according to requirements. 

Printing Possibilities 

All our transparent packaging can be printed and branded to your own requirements.  We have several ways to print your transparent packaging and additional features such as foil blocking can be added, as well as mirror effects, metallic and fluorescent colours. 

Design and Knowledge (Our Knowledge is your Knowledge) 

Operating for over 37 years in the packaging industry, we have worked with a large and extensive range of clients spanning numerous industries. 

Within the area of transparent gift and presentation packaging, we are working more closely with marketing teams. Taking on board your sector, your brand identity and your desires, enabling us to create the type of custom packaging that you will be proud of. 

Get in touch with our experienced team to discuss the custom packaging solutions best suited to you.

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