Folding Cartons


Let the packaging do the talking and stand out from the crowd

Folding cartons, primarily used within retail, allow the presentation of your product to be maximised and increase your sales revenue. Surveys suggest that 75% of consumer decisions are made in less than ten seconds when in store and at the point of sale. Never underestimate the power that good quality, highly printed packaging can have in getting your product noticed.

What are Folding Cartons?

The most popular material used to make Folding Cartons and presentation boxes is referred to as Folding Box Board (FBB).  It is a paperboard substrate made up of multiple layers of chemical and mechanical pulp. The top layer is a bleached chemical pulp with an optional pigment coating added. This is a low-density material with good rigidity, great printability and can be structurally designed into a range of shapes and configurations.   

Folding cartons or presentation boxes can also be made from a Kraftpak® board which is an unbleached, uncoated, high strength board.  Kraftpak® has excellent wet strength capabilities, making it suitable for food and beverage packaging. 

Coloured, metalized, textured and pearlized boards are also available for making folding cartons. 

Folding cartons are mainly used for lighter weight products within the frozen and chilled food, confectioners, pharmaceuticals and health or beauty industries. The use of this presentation style packaging is constantly expanding as other industries are seeing the importance of creating unique packaging that stands out. The most well-known examples of folding cartons are in cereal packets within the food industry as well as creams/perfumes within the cosmetics industry. 

Structure and features

The material used allows many design features and structures to become possible.  Folding cartons are used to produce a huge variety of presentation boxes, cartons and sleeves. This includes self-locking boxes, collared boxes and integral box with a lid designs.  Design features such as lock in tabs, cut outs, window patching and internal fittings can all be achieved. 

Print Versatility

Custom features aren’t just restricted to structure, they are also shown in the variety of print options available with carton board.  Litho laminating, screen printing and digital printing can all be used giving high quality, eye catching results.  We also offer very fast turnaround times and exceptional quality with our digital printing. 

Special Effects

Numerous special effects can be added to enhance your folding carton presentation boxes further and give more of a luxury look and feel: 
  • Embossing/Debossing – to lift or enhance text and images
  • Foil Blocking – to add a quality feel and a metallic element to the design
  • UV Coating or spot Varnish – high gloss or mat coating added to all or part of your graphic design
  • Window Patching – open or acetate windows that allow your products to be seen

The advantages of well thought out packaging 

A recent study in America undertaken by Dotcom distribution revealed that 52 percent of customers are more likely to make a repeat purchase from a company that have premium packaging. 

The same study by Dotcom discovered that nearly 4 in 10 customers would discuss and share their experience if they deem the packaging to be unique. 

The brand exposure possibilities are endless and with the print finishes and structural features available, achieving ‘premium packaging’ is easily attainable.

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