Die Cut Boxes


Many features available including locking tabs, hinged lids and self seal strips

What is a die cut box?   

Having a die cut box will give you a much wider choice of box styles and packaging solutions.  If you are looking for something a little different to your standard cardboard box with features such as handles, fold over lids and crash lock bases a die cut box is a great solution.

Any box of an irregular shape when opened out flat will be a die cut.
  For a full list of the standard styles available, take a look at our FEFCO guide.

All manner of fittings can also be stamped out using the die cut method.  These can be integral or standalone fittings.

How does it work?

We create a tool, commonly known in the packaging industry as a forme.  It’s a cutter that will effectively stamp out the overall size and style of your box.  There is a one off cost for creating this forme which applies only to the initial production run.  We try to keep your costs down here by only charging you at cost, helping you to get your new packaging project off the ground or keeping the costs down on packaging already in existence with another supplier. The picture below is an example of what the cutting frome looks like.

What materials can be die cut? 

Almost any material can be die cut, in terms of packaging and in particular boxes, we die-cut all types of single and double wall corrugated boxes and fittings, folding box board boxes, rigid boxes and acetate boxes.

Take out the start-up costs:

We are increasing our range of off the shelf die cut boxes as they are becoming increasingly popular.  This means we cover the start-up costs and offer you a cost effective packaging solution.

Some of our stock products include:

  • Bakers trays: Used by bakers all over the country, corrugated has the strength and practically to replace plastic trays
  • Carry cases: Stand out from the crowd in the takeaway and food delivery industry with our stock carry cases
  • Postal & Mailing Boxes: Growing range of postal & mailing boxes suitable for a variety of small to medium products

More about die cut boxes:

Of course as with any of our custom made boxes, die cut boxes can be printed.  Refer to our print capabilities for a full overview of the box printing on offer.

Although there is a start-up fee for custom made boxes, there are savings to be made from bespoke sizing.  Storage and transport costs can be reduced.  You can limit damaged and returned goods by properly designed packaging that fits your products perfectly.

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