Choosing the right Tape, Part 3 (Machines & Dispensers)

The last of our Tape blogs will be about the tape machines

and dispensers that are available online.

Tape machines and dispensers will make the application of taping more

efficient.  Depending on the type of tape

you are using or the application you may want to use one of the following:

Hand Held Tape Gun AÎ_ Hand held tape guns are used with vinyl

or polypropylene tape.  They will cut the

tape making sealing cardboard boxes and parcels quick and efficient.

Semi-Automatic Case Sealer AÎ_ The semi-automatic case sealer

is for using with machine applied tape.

It will seal the top and the bottom of uniformed sized boxes


Floor Marking Tape Dispenser AÎ_ Floor marking tape dispensers

with allow you to clearly mark out walkways or areas of storage within a

warehouse environment.  Using a floor

marking tape dispenser will mean areas can be marked out using straight lines

quickly and with minimum effort.

Silent Bonus Tape Dispenser AÎ_ A tape dispenser specifically

designed to use with Bonus tape.  The

silent bonus tape dispenser will reduce noise during dispensing.  In addition the tape tension can be increased

on release by the adjustable brake.