Choosing the right Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap, stretch film, pallet wrap, hand wrap, cling film . . . with so much terminology for one type of product no wonder it can be a minefield selecting the right one for your needs.

Primarily stretch wrap is used to tightly hold together and secure loads for storage and transportation. The film can be stretched around whole pallets or used to bundle smaller items together. It also offers protection against dust and dirt with a degree of moisture protection.

The film can be made using a number of different processes to produce Blown film, Cast film or Pre-stretched film. Click here for a full explanation of these different types of pallet wrap and to buy from our online shop.

Other options available are hand applied stretch wrap or machine applied stretch wrap. As the name would suggest ‘hand applied’ is manually wrapped around your loads either by holding the rolls of film by hand or by using a hand held pallet wrap dispenser.

Machine applied stretch wrap is supplied in much larger rolls and is for use with a pallet stretch wrapping machine. This would be used when there is a daily demand for continuous pallet wrapping.

When choosing your stretch wrap you will need to consider the weight and shape of the products that are to be wrapped. There are a range of thicknesses (microns) of pallet wrap available. Packaging Supplies stock a standard range online but other sizes and thicknesses are available to order.

Below is a loose guide to choosing the right thickness of pallet wrap:

  • 15 micron – A budget pallet wrap, used for light boxes and small items. It has a lower tear resistance than higher micron stretch wrap.
  • 17 micron – A good cost-effective film that is used for light to medium items. It provides protection from scratches.
  • 20 micron – A good all round mid-range stretch wrap.
  • 23 micron – A high grade stretch film used for medium to heavy duty items.
  • 35 micron – A thick stretch wrap used for heavy duty items, irregular shapes and to secure more unstable loads.

If you are looking to buy pallet wrap in larger quantities than those sold in our online shop, please contact Packaging Supplies for a quotation.