Choosing the right Strapping, Part 2

As promised this week’s strapping blog will be all about

steel strapping.

Steel strapping is needed for heavy items such as timber or

pipes and for when items are strapped together for longer periods of time.  Where polypropylene strapping will stretch

over time under tension, steel strapping is the strongest strapping available

and a much better option.

There are separate tools and accessories for use with the

steel strapping.  They work in the same

way as the polypropylene tools; you have a combination tool that will tension, seal

and cut the steel strapping or separate tensioning tools and crimpers.  Packaging Supplies also have a seal-less

combination tool which will tension, cut and seal the strapping to its self

without needing the additional seals.

The most essential item you will need to ensure operator

safety when using steel strapping is a steel strapping dispenser.  It will safely hold your steel strapping, is

mobile and has a tray for all your strapping accessories.

If you need any further information on steel strapping,

please contact Packaging Supplies here.