Choosing the right Protective Packaging, Part 2

Following our theme on protective packaging, we turn our attention to packaging that will protect your delicate or irregular shaped items from damage in storage or transit.  These packaging options will give your products that extra protection while inside the box to either cushion or to limit movement and vibration damage.

Bubble Rolls

Bubble rolls or bubble wrap are an economical way to protect your delicate items in transit.  The bubble can be cut or torn at any length from the roll and used for extra protection to wrap around a product that is packed inside a cardboard box or used as a void fill.  Packaging Supplies have general bubble rolls or anti-static bubble rolls which are suitable protection for products sensitive to static electricity, preventing electrostatic damage to your packaged components and devices.

Bubble Bags

Standard bubble bags are suitable for small to medium delicate items requiring more cushioning protection during transit.  As with the bubble rolls above, Packaging Supplies offer an anti-static bubble bag which is suitable for electronic items that require anti-static protection.

Voidfill / Loosefill

Loosefill is a good option for protecting irregular shaped products in transit.  Once your product has been boxed and the loosefill has been poured into to the available space around your product, it will cushion and protect.

The loosefill will hold your product firmly in place and absorb any impact from dropping or juddering in transit.