Choosing the right Protective Packaging, Part 1

If you have been following our blogs you will know that each month we are looking at a different area of packaging.  So far we have covered cardboard boxes in all shapes and sizes, polythene bags through to clip close carrier bags and more recently the packaging available for mail order.

For the next few weeks we are going to bring to your attention to the different options available on protective packaging from Packaging Supplies Ltd.  We have decided to kick of these blogs with all things pallet related.

Clear Shrink Pallet Covers

You can buy pallet covers from Packaging Supplies either on the roll or loose boxed. Pallet covers are designed to protect pallets in outside storage and transit.  The pallet covers will protect against the elements, dust and dirt.

Once the pallet covers have been placed over the pallet, a heat shrink gun can then be used to shrink the pallet cover tightly over the entire pallet and it’s contents.

Pallet Top Sheets

The pallet top sheets are designed to lay over just the top of the pallet, they are then stretch wrapped which will secure the top sheets in place.  Pallet top sheets help to contain the load and offer protection against the weather.  They are supplied perforated on the roll.

Centre folded Polythene Sheeting

Centre folded polythene sheeting can be used to protect pallets but they are also popular in the removals industry to protect other bulky items such as sofas and cabinets or used in the building trade as a floor covering.

Centre folded polythene sheeting is supplied on a roll.  Once the sheeting is pulled from the roll it can be unfolded to make a sheet double the width of the roll.