Choosing the right products for Sealing, Part 2

Last week we looked at our heat sealing products, so this week we thought we would continue the theme and cover the other types of sealing products that are in our ‘Sealing’ category in our online shop.

Shrink Guns – A heat shrink gun is a fast and effective way to secure pallet covers to pallets. Covering your pallets in this way will provide protection when in storage or transportation.

Packaging Supplies have a great value heat shrink gun that can be used with a range of different films.  All of the extras that you need are supplied together with the heat shrink gun in a carry case and include spare igniter, spanner, oil and safety goggles.

Glue Guns – A hand held glue gun will accurately dispense instantly bonding, non-toxic adhesive to a number of different surfaces such as ceramics, plastics, cardboard and paper. The glue sticks/slugs come in hot melt and low melt in a range of different sizes.

Next week we will look at the products available for stapling.

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