Choosing the right Box, Part 4

To complete our blogs on AÎÌøChoosing the right’ box, we are

looking at a diverse range of stock items for different industries, such as

mail order books, bakeries and printed material.

Don’t forget that as well as our standard stock boxes,

Packaging Supplies can also manufacture bespoke corrugated boxes in many

different styles, you can view a sample of the bespoke boxes that we have made

in the past here on our website. 

Please contact Packaging Supplies for more bespoke packaging solutions.

Book wraps:

At Packaging Supplies, we stock a twist lock style of book

wrap.  This is a versatile corrugated

wrap that will take various combinations and sizes of book.

The twist lock book wraps are the easiest way to package and

protect books for mailing and there is no need for additional packaging to

protect your books in transit.

The book wraps have an adjustable height enabling either a

single larger book or a multiple of smaller books to be packaged and they have

a handy peel and seal trip so no additional taping is required.

Bakers Trays /

Cardboard Trays:

We have a range of die cut cardboard trays that we call

bakers trays.  At Packaging Supplies we

stock 4 sizes of cardboard tray in a sturdy single wall corrugated.  The bakers trays are popular with our bakery

customers for food items such as bread, cakes etc.

Each of the bakers trays are supplied flat packed, when assembled

they have semi cut out hand holes for ease of carrying.  When packed with light products such as

bakery food items, the cardboard trays are strong enough to withstand stacking.

Printer Ream Boxes:

Printer boxes or ream boxes are ideal for keeping any

printed material in perfect condition.

Packaging Supplies stock an A4 and A5 white 4 corner glued

box & lid.  These printer ream boxes

are in a solid board.  The printer ream

boxes are self-erecting and supplied flat for ease of storage.

We also offer a brown corrugated A4 telescopic box &

lid.  The telescopic box and lid is also

supplied flat and requires taping along the flaps of the base and lid.

We hope you have found these blogs useful, next week we will start to look at the Bags that you can buy from Packaging Supplies.

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