Choosing the right Bags, Part 3

To complete our blogs on bags we will look at the different types of

carrier bag on offer in our online shop.

Clip Close

Handle Carrier Bags

Clip close carrier bags have an integral white profile clip close

fastening handle.  This design of closing

keeps the contents securely in the bag, making the clip close bags ideal for

packing loose goods or stationery that is going to be distributed.


Handle Carrier Bags

Patch handle carrier bags have a reinforced patch handle for extra bag

strength.  Patch handle carrier bags are

a classic range of carrier bag with a more substantial feel.

For large orders of over 5000 bags, we can arrange for your patch

handle carrier bags to be printed to order.  Please contact Packaging Supplies for prices and information.

White Vest

Carrier Bags

White vet carrier bags are suitable to all retail uses such as

supermarkets and shops.  Packaging

Supplies offer a range of sizes and strengths of white vest carrier bag.  The vest carrier bags are supplied on a roll

for easy storage and counter dispensing.

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