Choosing the right Bags, Part 2

Continuing our Bags theme, this week we take a look at

bubble bags and mailing bags.  Both

extremely useful bags in their own way.

Bubble Bags

Bubble bags are suitable for small to medium items that require more protection than a polythene bag.  Packaging Supplies stock general bubble bags and pink anti-static bubble bags which are more suitable for delicate electronic items that require anti-static protection.

Each bubble bag has an adhesive strip, which is easily peeled off

enabling the bag to be secured shut.



Polythene mailing bags are ideal for mail order companies and ebay

traders.  All of the mailing bags are

waterproof making them the ideal protection for goods in transit.  The peel and seal strip makes light work of

packing and being opaque the contents of the mailing bags remain undisclosed.